Organization = Savings

A bell went off in my head this week as I was purging/organzing my closets.  I waste sooo much money!  And it isn't intentional.  First of all, there are items we have that we end up buying duplicates of because we either forgot we had said item or couldn't find it when we needed it.  Why does this happen?  Clutter, lack of true organization, laziness, or any combination of the three plus more.  I admit that I have fallen into all three categories at different stages.  And each one has cost me dearly.  I have even rationalized purchases saying that if I dont get alot of use out of it, I can always give it to someone who can.  While charity giving is a noble thing to do, is that really a good reason to purchase something?

WASTE! WASTE! WASTE!  As I filled bag after bag of items to take to goodwill I started throwing numbers out there and my heart about sunk.  All that money that could've gone to better use, that could've been saved for a nice vacation, or an IRA or kids college funds.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  The lightbulb has most definately gone off in this woman's head and I am determined to be actively involved and mindful of all future purchases.  I'm also not going to let my DISorganization get sooo out of control that it costs me more and more money to maintain.  Lesson Learned.


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