9/11 Remembered

Please take a few moments today to remember those that have fought and died for our freedom, and all of the victims of terror in this country.  We owe them our lives yet they soo unselfishly gave of their own. 


Painting furniture gone wrong!!

I'm in the process of adding some 'new' furniture to my kids rooms.  They are both in dire need of some sort of nightstand.  So....goodwill hunting I go!  I found one that was in really good shape (and forgot to  take a picture) but didn't quite match her room so I figured I would just paint it.  I'm new to the furniture painting arena but the nightstand was only $8 so I knew I wouldn't be out too much money.  I was sooo excited to get started on painting.  I even had some paint at home and wouldn't have to spend another dime.  Well, apparently a little too excited because  I forgot to sand.  I started painting it and something just wasn't looking right.  I thought, 'its just the first coat, it needs another and then it will be fine.'  WRONG!!!  The paint was clumping and not sticking in spots.  My next thought was to just sand it down, buy some spray paint and start over.  That would be mistake number 2, or is it 3? The top sanded perfectly but the sides and front?  Not so well.  First off, there is bead board on it so there was no way I could get a good sand in the grooves. Secondly, its not entirely solid wood.  And to top that off, my sander was not running efficiently AT ALL!!  My next thought:   'oh well, the spray paint will even this thing out.'  That would be mistake number 4. I started spray painting the entire thing even when there was still paint left on in spots on the nightstand. DUMB DUMB DUMB! Now, I have officially been left with a clumpy, rough, horrible looking nightstand that isn't good for anything.  I would take a picture of the final product but it is sooo bad that I am too embarrassed to even show it.

Notes to self for next furniture paint job:
1.  SAND
3.  Don't rush or get soo excited that you can't wait long enough to do it the right way.


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