Painting a canvas pumpkin

I've always wanted to learn to paint.  That would be the left handed, creative side in me determined to learn all levels of craft, no matter the cost.  But, honestly, I never thought I was all that good at it.  I wanted to be a master without taking the time to work as the apprentice first.  

I surely do appreciate the talents of other bloggers though.  I am ever so grateful to pinterest and the hard work of these men and women for the amount of time they take in teaching me and providing avenues for me in which to learn.

In this quest to learn, I wanted desperately to start out simple so as not to get discouraged in this process.  I also wanted a tutorial that wouldn't take me hours to watch through.  Who has time for that?!? And since we are inching on Fall here, my brain immediately went to pumpkins.  Could I really do it though????  I challenged myself and went on the hunt where I ran into this blog and tutorial:

Now, I like the look of clean and simple.....yet elegant.  And I didn't want complicated.  Let me tell you!  Jennifer Rizzo has got some talent and she shares it in the most 'newbie friendly' way I have ever seen.  Her instructions and pictorials were so precise and spot on!  She made this look like child's play.  And you know what?  I did it!  I'm pretty proud of how it turned out too.  And I owe it all to her hard work.  So, Jennifer, if you happen to stop by this blog, thank you for sharing your talents with us.  Oh yeah, and here's my completed pumpkin:

Trust me.  You can do this! Here is My 12yr old working on the same project too:

So proud of her!


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