Fab Formula No. 3- Hair De-tangler

I'm going to make a broad assumption here that a good majority of you have kids.  And, I'm going to assume that you struggle some mornings with said children's hair. 

I have two girls; one with bone straight hair and the other with curly thick hair.  I used to battle with curly Q every morning combing her rat's nest of a head.  No matter what I did, it hurt her.  I was just like everyone else buying bottle after bottle of detangler.  That stuff adds up quick!!!  Now that my daughter can do her own hair, she would go thru half a bottle at a time without even blinking.  I wanted a smarter solution that was going to save me a little cash yet give her the freedom to do it herself.  Hence, formula no. 3!

Hair de-tangler

8 oz. distilled water
1 tsp. aloe gel
1/2 tsp apricot oil
essential oil (optional)

Place ingredients in a spray bottle and shake to combine.  I just use one of the many spray bottles I already have from the store bought kind.  This formula, however, will cost you mere pennies.
There are many other formulas floating around the web but, so far, this one has been our favorite.  My daughter also loves a little tangerine essential oil in hers.  It smells nice and fruity like the store bought kind too. 

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