Peppermint Mocha Lip Balm

One of my favorite drinks of the season is Starbucks peppermint mocha.  I love it so much that I order it all year round.  Well, even when you order the 'skinny' version of this drink, you still have to be careful as to how much you consume.  The calories still rack up quick!  So, how can I get the 'sensation' of drinking those lil' yummies without consuming the calories?  Make my own lip balm of course.  While this recipe does call for alot of ingredients remember that, in most cases you can substitute oils for what you have on hand.

.5 oz. almond oil
.5 oz. shea butter
.5 oz. cocoa butter
.5 oz beeswax
1 tsp veg. glycerin
1 tsp.  shaved or chopped semi-sweet chocolate
1 tsp. of powdered sugar
10 dr. peppermint oil.

Melt the butters and beeswax over low heat or in a microwave until melted.  Add chocolate and sugar. Stir until dissolved or continue to add a little more heat.  Once all combined and melted, add peppermint oil and glycerin.  Pour into sterilized containers.  Allow to cool.  Use as often as needed or whenever you want to enjoy that mocha freshness.

*one option for purchasing containers is  I have nothing but good things to say about this company.

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