Decorating with Digital Scrapbooking

I am a fan of shutterfly.  I am not paid to say that, I just love the convenience of loading all my images into a printing sight and choosing which size to print for future projects.  I just so happen to have had a free code for an 8 x 8 print and I took advantage of it.  The easiest form of decorating your home with your photos is canvas.  It is so easy to get canvas at a good price with coupons.  You can either purchase Modpodge or you can make your own.  Brush the decoupage on the canvas and back of your print.  Stick together and let it sit until it forms a good seal.  You also want to seal the top of it from all of those little handprints.  I put 3 coats on top of mine but do whatever you feel comfortable.  This is my end result:

I really do love my girls!  :)

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Terry said...

Love your layout, guess I better not delete my emails from Shutterfly anymore. Sounds like you got quite the deal! Thanks for linking up, this will be featured so I hope you stop over and show more great ideas!


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