Handmade Holiday: 3-in-1 Gift

I am so excited to share this that I am about bursting at the seems.  Ya know those days when you are out at the craft stores and not really having a plan but hoping something strikes your fancy to create with?  Today was one of those moments.  On my way to the checkout at Michaels, I perused the dollar spot and found some antique looking keys.  I instantly knew exactly what I was going to do with them!  I thought of my kids, Christmas, and the traditional gifts we give them every year.  My kids still believe in santa, yet, I think this is probably the last year so I want to really make it count.  I have a fireplace but I know not everyone does.  Hence, the key to hang outside for Santa to make his way in! It's tradition for my kids to get an ornament every year.  This year, it will be the key that serves double duty.  What's the third you ask?  Say your kids are grown, or you don't share in the ornament tradition.  Use these keys as gift tags on your packages!  How great is that!

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