Pantry Organization

After seeing this post by peas and crayons, I was completely inspired to tackle my pantry.  I have put off organizing it for the longest time because, every time I have tried in the past, I have totally failed.  I really struggled with coming up with something 'new' that would make the system really work for me.  I'm embarrassed of the before.  But, if it helps you, it will be worth it.  Here is my before:

I have no idea why, but I have never once thought about putting plastic bins on the floor of my pantry.  I honestly didn't think it would work.  I thought that the items on my floor were just too cumbersome and wouldn't fit, or, at the least, wouldn't have the room for them if bins were in the way.  Well, with a little time on my hands, some patience, and some mega purging, it worked!  I am soo excited.  I can now find everything at a glance and I have no boxes of different foods in the way. Here is my final result.  I am still making labels for the bins but, at least I know where everything is:

I did NOT go out and purchase all of the organization bins/containers you see here.  The bottom bins came from other areas in my home where they just weren't being as useful as they once were. The rest were in the pantry to begin with, other than a small set of three.  No, they don't all match, but, when the doors are closed and the price is nil,  who really cares? 

This one organization project has given me the desire (and the kick in the pants) to tackle other areas of my home.  Thank you peas and crayons for motivating me!  :)


Miranda said...

Ummm HELLO! This looks amazing!
Great job, girly!!!

Leslie said...

what an improvement - it looks awesomely functional now!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Love it Kimberly!!!! So happy to help inspire ya! Now you'll be able to find everyyyyything in your pantry like I am! *high-five* girly! xoxo


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