$1 Frame + Paper = Halloween Wall Decor

I am having soo much fun getting inspired by all of the decorating blogs/pinterest, that I am on such a roll myself.  I spent a good few hours yesterday putting together some wall art with a photo frame I have had lying around for who knows how long.  I didn't really want to put alot of family photos in this one only because I was trying to keep the project focused on color scheme and, well, my family photos just wouldn't cut it.  ( I can be pretty anal sometimes with things being color coordinated).  This frame did come with a little dowel so it could stand upright on its own if you were to choose.  I think, all in all, this project may have run me $5 if I counted costs for the frame and papers individually.  However, I had the materials already.  The paper is from Michael's Midnight Magic paper pack. The drink 'poison' cards were included in it.  That entire pack ran me less than $7 and all of my projects have been done with it.  Talk about getting your moneys worth.  Amazing the things we can do with paper, a paper cutter, and some fancy folding, huh? 

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Bridget Wilson said...

Wow! This is so fantabulous! Thanks for sharing your lovely and spooky halloween decor ideas, just exactly what I'm looking for. I really love my Halloween decorations this year a little bit different from last year's. So thanks! Happy Halloween!

Kimberly said...

Thank you! I am trying to put some new ideas together for the coming season and looking forward to sharing them as well.


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