My Soup-er Secret Ingredient

I love soup.  My biggest problem is that its not always cold enough down here in Florida to really enjoy.  However, this year it seems, the weather is cooling off a bit early and the brisk mornings are making me crave the stuff.  So, I have been spending this morning preparing some of my favorites for the freezer.  They are soo easy to make and, once all your veggies are prepped, you are pretty much done, other than watching the pot. I have a confession to make though.  Sometimes the broth for your basic soups (think chicken noodle or veg. beef) can be thin and, to fill me up, I need something more without just eating more fresh bread with it.  My big secret?  I will add a can of cream of 'something' soup or a container of Imagine brand organic gravy.  This makes the soup a little more heartier and adds and extra depth to the flavor.  And if you need an extra reason to add it, this makes the broth stick to the bread you're dunking all the more easier.  So...there you have secret is out!

*** My apologies to the photo source. The website is down and would not link up for me***

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